Your video surveillance needs to work 24/7. We provide reliable and highly effective video surveillance solutions.

Cost Effective

One size does not fit all. We'll design a right-sized system for your application and budget. Being vendor neutral ensures our freedom to provide you with a customized solution. We are not restricted to any one or two brands.


Did a government agency just drop an unwelcome video surveillance requirement into your business plan? We'll take care of that for you

Don't risk non-compliance.

Get a free security consultation today!

  • Confidential Consultations

At your location. We'll work on your schedule. After hours and weekends are no problem.

  • Video System Design

One size does not fit all. We'll design a right-sized system for your application and budget. If you are wondering if you can get by with installing your own small system, perhaps purchased from Costco, we'll help you decide. We realize that although we may be a video system hammer, not everyone is a video system nail.

  • Installation

Every installation is unique. We recommend letting us handle the installation, but that is not a requirement. We use State of Alaska licensed low-voltage communications contractors for the majority of our installations. Some building owners require their own installation crews. In these instances we like to meet with the installation contractor prior to commencing physical installation work.

  • On-site Training

Day to day tasks related to video surveillance systems are very intuitive and easy to learn. Anybody with a basic knowledge of computers (email, Google, YouTube, etc) can become proficient enough to teach others these routine tasks in about 30 minutes. There are just a few tasks that aren't performed every day, perhaps months between, with a little steeper learning curve. Perhaps you need to produce video documentation of an incident that occurred sometime during a 12 hour window some 30 days ago. We are only a phone call away and are happy to help.

  • Cloud-based, in-house, and hybrid solutions

There are several ways to implement video surveillance, some old and some new. We leverage new technologies to improve security, reliability, and flexibility. We offer three families of video surveillance solutions: cloud based, in-house, and hybrid systems. Each method has their own set of advantages or disadvantages depending on your situation. In-house systems for example, typically have a higher up-front investment but carry small, if any, recurring costs. Cloud based solutions on the other hand require much less up front investment but have regular recurring costs. Some factors are the status of your existing local network, physical security, AC power reliability, cost and reliability of Internet service, etc.

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