Surveillance Services

Let us navigate the maze of available hardware and software components to come up with a robust, cost effective system design tailored to your specific needs.

Modern Security Surveillance Video System Components

Video system components typically consist of:

  • A comprehensive survey to determine appropriate services

  • Cameras

    There are thousands of IP based cameras on the market. There are inside, outside, pan, tilt, zoom, fixed view, auto or manual focus, optical or digital zoom, day/night, infrared, thermal, hidden, dome, bullet, pendant, wireless, and cold weather rated cameras. We have the experience to specify the appropriate camera for each location and application.

  • Lenses

    Many cameras are available with a choice of lenses. For instance, a camera/lens combination appropriate for viewing customers at a point of sale terminal less than 10 feet away, would be unusable for viewing across a warehouse. By using different lenses it is possible to meet your video surveillance requirements with the same model camera everywhere. This can be beneficial as quantity discounts are frequently available.

  • Management Software

    This is the heart and brains of your video surveillance system. Some software packages are better suited for smaller locations, and some are more appropriate for larger, multi-location systems. Some require annual licensing for every camera, and some packages require only a single purchase up front.

  • Network components and design

    In many cases most of your existing network infrastructure is adequate for video system requirements. We have the networking expertise to assess your current network capabilities and your video network requirements.

  • Server Hardware

    There are several factors that determine the moist appropriate server hardware. In very small applications with no regulatory requirements, an existing Windows workstation may suffice. Serious consideration is required here. You don't want to spend thousands of dollars on server hardware only to find you need to replace it when you add a couple more cameras. On the other hand, there's no reason to pay for a locomotive to tow a Volkswagen.

  • Cloud configuration options

    Addressed above

  • Archival Requirements

    How many days/weeks/months of video are you required to store? Fortunately the recent claims made regarding the cost of archiving video in the Alaskan press are inaccurate (assuming your facility is smaller than a Walmart). We apply methodologies to video archival that make extremely efficient use of storage hardware.

  • Information Security

    Addressed above

  • Backup power battery backup options

    We will select and recommend a battery backup solution that will power a wired 8 camera facility for 2 hours, a wired 16 camera facility for one hour. Wireless cameras do not typically benefit from power backup systems. Battery backup is optional, and we can always go bigger.

  • Access Policies
    • Local only: You only need to view surveillance video from the same facility your cameras are located in.
    • Remote viewing: You can view your surveillance video from anywhere with Internet access - home, office, another state, anywhere.
    • Mobile viewing: There's an app for that! Android and iOS viewing is available for most installations. Some systems offer mobile viewing as an option, and some include it with the software fees.
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